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Sigh, what now?

Sigh, what now?

The day that I began writing this story was March 8th.  It’s an important date in history.  No, not because it’s the day Malaysia flight 370 disappeared, it’s the anniversary of my new lease on life.  You see, I was struck by a school bus on this day some 50 years ago.  (Link)

It’s a very busy time of life here in the Wyatt California household.  I just sold a guitar on Craigslist, sold my son’s car for him on eBay, I have my motorcycle listed on eBay,  a large drafting table on Craigslist and I just listed our home on Forsalebyowner website.  Yes, I’m trying to sell our house.  Hey, I’m retired, I’ve got the time.  In fact, I have so much time that I can answer phone calls and texts from over 50 realtors and would-be scammers.  I figure someday if I’m ever alone and lonely, I’ll just post a fake ad on Craigslist; the callers come crawling out of the woodwork.

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