The Summer of Discontent – It was the Best of Times

Where for art thou Romeo?

Where for art thou Romeo?

It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.  This famous literary opening well describes the summer following my getting caught in my girlfriend’s bedroom by her mother.  Let me back up a tad in case you are a visitor, new to my story blog site.  One of the multi-chapter stories embedded within my blog is the telling of my wife’s and mine early days together, beginning with our meeting in junior high through to getting married.  These can be found by clicking on the “Kim Saga” Category.  In the last story, (link here), I had gotten caught in “Sheila’s” bedroom by her mother.  We pick up now from that point. Continue reading


Johnny Carson is a Lifesaver – Romeo & Juliet Get Caught

Here's Johnny

Here’s Johnny

Hello Reader, when last we met, I had lost my virginity (read me).  It was eleventh grade, 1975.  We were in love and now we had had a taste of sex.  Our first time was great.  We weren’t nervous or too shy, everything felt like it was meant to be.  It was as if we had done the deed many times before…no, that was yet to come.  We were young and we were brave.  We’ve all been there in some form or fashion; there would be no consequences to our risky actions.  When’s round two? Continue reading

Everyone Remembers Their First Time

Sexy Love

Sexy Love

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (OK, so really it was me and it was a bedroom window)……

Well, I had done it.  At least that’s what I had told my girlfriend.  I had indeed found the mystical blue condom.  It was just a ploy, a game.  We both knew that.  Our hormones were running rampant, (mine were setting land speed records).  The question now was when and where.  Continue reading