Getting Snowbound in Puerto Rico

We all float down here!

              We all float down here!

A few hours ago, (when I began writing this), I had just returned from picking up my wife at the airport.  One of the ‘drive-home topics’ naturally was the traditional “how was your flight” conversation.  She spoke of flying over the big first major storm of the season and later, as I watched the video footage of the blizzard in Minnesota, I was reminded of the time we got snowbound in Puerto Rico.

Cursing Out a Complete Stranger

Ah...the Mirth Mobile!

Ah…the Mirth Mobile! (or tin can)

Have you ever lost your temper? I don’t mean – have you ever been really mad. I mean – have you ever been so mad or in a situation where all of a sudden you temporarily lose control of your thoughts and out of your mouth comes flying a wild cursing, directed at someone or at no one? You later step back and wonder – where the hell did that come from?

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