Rain or Shine, Snow or Sleet – Mail Delivers Memories

Pee Wee Always Gets his Mail

Pee Wee Always Gets his Mail

I used to imagine myself as a mailman.  I guess the proper term today is a mail carrier.  I just thought it would be a cool job to deliver parcels and letters from across the country or world to the doorstep of the recipient awaiting its arrival.  I still write personal checks to pay our bills.  I know I could do all of this over the internet and probably it is much faster, but the simple fact is that I enjoy mailing letters.  I enjoy going to the post office thinking about the fact that for a price of a postage stamp, (46 cents today), someone is actually going to physically carry and deliver my envelope across the country.  I also love looking out on my front porch to see if there are any packages that day and then the related walk to the mailbox.  Oh I know, most of my mail today is junk, but I still enjoy retrieving the junk mail, even if it’s to carry it immediately to the recycle bin. Continue reading


Third Grade – New Friends, Heartbreak, Empathy….Change

OK, so she didn't always look grumpy

OK, so she didn’t always look grumpy

This week’s RTT post theme is ‘end of days’.  For every ending there is a beginning so this week I chose to share a story I consider to be a bit of a time of beginnings for me.  I hope you enjoy.


In A Shocking Discovery (read me) I wrote about my favorite teacher, Art Adams. I shared his darker side and wrote about how he helped me as a young adult while attempting to earn my first degree. If I were asked who I would award the ‘Gold Standard’ prize to among my teachers, I would have to say the award goes to Mrs. Amy Wright, my third grade teacher at Fillmore Elementary School.

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