Life Lessons in Junior High Gym Class

Pick Me, Pick Me!

Pick Me, Pick Me!

In Junior high, was there anything more humiliating, scary and so full of life lessons than the gym class?  By the time I hit high school, they had renamed it Physical Education.  Physical Education is a much better term because we received education in so many valuable lessons and life skills; life skills that we would apply in our everyday world.  I’m of course talking about things like learning how to propel myself up a 30 foot rope made of horsehair and then there was the lesson about how to obtain the self-inflicted rope burns on the inside of our thighs.  The intention of this lesson, of course, was to teach us methods of applying Vaseline to ourselves or to learn how to walk like cowboys.  I remember how proud I was the day I figured out that I could climb the rope in gym (hint: if you had skinny arms like me, the trick was to have clean sneakers able to grab the rope so your legs could do the work). Continue reading

My First Steady (or Four Minutes in 12 Year-Old Slow Dance Heaven)


All of us have lots and lots of regrets in life, lots.  Some are very significant and major life altering events.  Others are tiny moments we wished we had acted differently and we still think about many years after the occurrence.  All of our actions and inaction, however, serve to help form who we are today. Continue reading