Sneezle-Drawing is Best Left to the Artists – Art & I Just Do Not Get Along

An octopus to some, a sneezle to me

An octopus to some, a sneezle to me

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When I think of the two words, ‘driven’ and ‘determined’, I think that driven applies to a singular focus. Someone who is driven sets a very challenging goal and then sticks to a plan of execution until they achieve the objective. I have known people who have referred to me as driven but I like to think of myself, not as driven, but as determined. Michael Jordan was driven. Even Jim Jones was driven. I was not.

I don’t consider the goals I’ve set as being too lofty or unachievable. I do however consider myself “determined”. Webster defines the word determined as being resolute and firm, of unwavering mind. Wow, my wife describes me in this manner, but she uses a different word – “stubborn.” In my life I have established a number of objectives and goals, goals which I don’t consider out of reach for almost anyone. Once I do set a target though, I don’t stop until I reach the goal. I have always been very certain of who I am and what I can and cannot do, what I am good at and what I am not and I’ve never been afraid of taking a calculated risk.

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