You’re Fired! – Part One

You’re Fired?

In kim saga grand finale (link), I completed the little mini documentary I had been writing about my early love life with my girlfriend, and wife to be.  An aspect of my life that I skipped over in those saga episodes was what I’d refer to as my ‘managerial experience’ with Taco Bell.  This is that story, Part One.

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Burn ‘Em – More Adventures at Taco Bell

Ours looked just like this one

Ours looked just like this one

I worked at Taco Bell in Hamilton, Ohio from the Spring of 1976 until January 1979.  Writing about the Taco Bell years would be far too long a story to be entertaining to the average bathroom blog reader so I intend to break them down into tiny episodes.  This one is called “Burn ‘Em”. Continue reading