My Threads of Life – Maybe we are all Connected



In this story (link) I wrote a funny tale of how for a brief moment I thought I might be blood related to my wife.  It’s a funny joke sometimes shared amongst us ‘Hamiltuckians’ that we’re all related to each other and it’s appropriate that at the time of this release, I am spending time with Kim’s family, celebrating her mom’s birthday.  Perhaps Kim and I are not blood related, but there definitely are a lot of strings connecting our paths.

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Engagement – is Better the Second Time Around

What?  These are wild oats?!

What? These are wild oats?!


In the Kim Saga mini-epic, I had left you in January, 1978.  I had left Des and agreed to go back with Kim.  The first couple of months of going back were a little rough as we were both going through the process of breakups with our current flames.  Kim had a new boyfriend at the time, just as I had Desiree.

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The Summer of Discontent – It was the Best of Times

Where for art thou Romeo?

Where for art thou Romeo?

It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.  This famous literary opening well describes the summer following my getting caught in my girlfriend’s bedroom by her mother.  Let me back up a tad in case you are a visitor, new to my story blog site.  One of the multi-chapter stories embedded within my blog is the telling of my wife’s and mine early days together, beginning with our meeting in junior high through to getting married.  These can be found by clicking on the “Kim Saga” Category.  In the last story, (link here), I had gotten caught in “Sheila’s” bedroom by her mother.  We pick up now from that point. Continue reading

Johnny Carson is a Lifesaver – Romeo & Juliet Get Caught

Here's Johnny

Here’s Johnny

Hello Reader, when last we met, I had lost my virginity (read me).  It was eleventh grade, 1975.  We were in love and now we had had a taste of sex.  Our first time was great.  We weren’t nervous or too shy, everything felt like it was meant to be.  It was as if we had done the deed many times before…no, that was yet to come.  We were young and we were brave.  We’ve all been there in some form or fashion; there would be no consequences to our risky actions.  When’s round two? Continue reading

Everybody Loves Tim – Part Two

Our Little Man

Our Little Man

And now, the exciting conclusion to Everybody Loves Tim Part One.

And here we are, some 20 years later.

For awhile, during high school and a few months after, I was doing the ‘normal Dad thing’ with Tim.  You know, coaching him to go to college, offering him up with various alternatives for the future, etc.  I kept running into a brick wall until I finally realized – “Tim” needs to push himself.  Tim needs to be the one to figure out what it is he wants to be, what he wants to do to earn money enough to finance whatever lifestyle he wants to live.

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MI1, The Big Sleepover

To us, this is what it felt like

To us, this is what it felt like

In the last ‘Kim story’, I finally worked up the courage to tell Kim that I loved her.  If you are new and would like to get up to speed, there is a Category named “Kim Saga”.  Merely find the “Categories” somewhere on this page your are reading and then select this category.   One of the things I immediately loved and was attracted to in Kim was her sense of adventure, her lust for life.  You know the old adage about walking a mile in another person’s shoes?  Well, at pretty much the same age, both of us had experienced life threatening events.  I was hit by a school bus (read me) and she had open heart surgery.  Yes, open heart surgery; way back in the early 60’s as a little girl, with a pioneer surgeon, it was a complete success.  No doubt our own personal experiences played a major role in shaping our psyche and influencing our behaviors.  Both of us are what I would describe as very determined and long term goal oriented.  We are grateful for what we have and we recognize the beauty of life itself.  We have a few sharp differences, but what we have in common is much stronger than our differences. Continue reading

The Power of Music – Diane was not a Green-Eyed Lady

Diane's Eyes were Brown

Diane’s Eyes were Brown

The other day I was listening to my car radio and heard Carole King’s song, “It’s Too Late”.  After it was over I kept wondering – where is Sugarloaf’s Green Eyed Lady?  All night I was mentally singing to myself It’s too Late which then got followed up in my mind by Green Eyed Lady.  So, I got to thinking about it and I realized that anytime I hear Carole’s song, I just automatically expect to hear the Sugarloaf song immediately afterwards.  Why was that?

I gave it some serious thought and came to the conclusion that it’s connected to a vivid childhood memory of love lost.  My summer girlfriend of 1971 when I was 13 was Diane Mathews.  In hindsight, Diane was my first ‘long-term relationship’.  Diane was a year older than I and attended St. Peters Catholic school, whereas I attended public schools.  She was cool and she was a good athlete.  She became the mold for my perfect woman, the one who I eventually fell in love with and married. Continue reading