High School is Over…..So Are the Headaches

Yeah…I’m gonna’ need those TPS reports

That’s right, I said it.   At least for me, there was no stress like high school stress.  Does anyone really need to write a story to explain that?  Umm…not really….but I’m going to anyway.  After all, I just celebrated my 53rd ‘free year’ since surviving getting hit by a school bus, so why not.

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Keep the Record Playing

Someone please stop the room from spinning!

Someone please stop the room from spinning!

This week’s is about fear or being afraid.

Really?  I want to write more fun stories about childhood or maybe rant about my crappy dad again.  What the heck am I going to write about related to being afraid, death?  Come on, I got hit by a school bus at the age of 7, hit head on by a drunk driver once, slid 300 yards on ice into traffic, have had terrible clotting in my left leg after surgery for breaking it backwards at the knee in a softball game and more.  Life is a gift at this point, why be afraid of dying? Continue reading