Want to Contact Me?

Then write me an email.  I will respond unless you’re trying to sell me some useless stuff or your useless services like some way overpriced skin care products that you swear will make you look like hot Britney Spears in that video where she wears the little schoolgirl outfit, only what it really does is make you ignore the doorbell and phones and eventually causes you to move because you’re tired of being bugged.

OK, then if you still want to send me a note, feel free to write me at rlwyattcali@yahoo.com.  I’ll get right to it after I finish writing my check for my hair-growing cream.

11 comments on “Want to Contact Me?

  1. Dean says:

    Hi my name is Dean and i live on the 500 block of Prytania ave, next to the Hardins.I like your storys about Prytania ,you would be sad to see how rundown its getting i have lived here since 96 keep up the good storys

    • rlwyattcali says:

      Hi Dean – thanks for commenting and I hope you are an email follower so you can keep receiving notices when I release a new story. I drove by there maybe 1-2 years ago. When we moved in, I thought we had really moved up in the world. 😉 My old Goodman Ave neighborhood is perhaps worse, but yes I agree – it was sad to see the general dilapidation in many of the houses. Most were quite nice when I was a kid. More stories coming. Your house was our perfect hiding spot when we played Purse (go read that one if you haven’t already – will make you laugh). Rob

  2. Barb says:

    did you go to Lincoln? I grew up on Ridgelawn and was a poor kid in a nice neighborhood

  3. Tina Johnson Day says:

    This is a weird discovery, your blog, I mean… I lived on Prytania Ave in the 80’s, I had Mr. Adams for 6th grade Science and Math, and thought “the generator” was the single greatest thing of all time, 2nd to Mr. Arnold’s eyes on the back of his head thing. “Johnson!” he’d warn me just when I was on the verge of doing something inappropriately stupid all while he wrote on the black board facing the other way (what?!) … anyway, reading your blog is like going back in time and through time, it’s kind of freakin’ me out actually… Thank you, I’ll keep reading if you keep writing, and it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do… cheers! (This is the only blog that I have ever commented on. I too hope that I don’t have some crazy advertisements bombarding my inbox on how to lose weight in 2 weeks using some Dr. Oz approved cream… although, if you heard of such a thing… well)

    • rlwyattcali says:

      Your comment made my day Tina. 🙂 My plan is to keep writing until I run out. I have many more notes to work with so should be awhile. Feel free to sign up with your email address as a follower as I’d love to have you along for the ride. …and sorry, since Dr Oz hasn’t yet found me, no goofy spam. 🙂

  4. Tom Mathews says:

    Love the blog, seems like yesterday!

  5. Jon Stitsinger says:

    I grew up on N. “E” ST So I thought we might know each other until I saw the dates at Lincoln School-I was about 20 yrs ahead of you. But I did relate to your stories of the hood and Tom’s. Cigar Store.

  6. T Ramirez says:

    HP Deuscher now those were the days I couldn’t help but laugh at your stories. My husband and his father both worked at the foundry and I heard my stories about Bobby Clark and Swede (Hendson) was his last name if memory serves me. Berry Paddock and the old man mex and many more. Thank you

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