Small Town Downtown Hide-n-Seek & The Undercover Cop

Yup – he looked like Reuben


I grew up in a small, industrial town.  It’s downtown was very typical of every other Midwest small town downtowns. We had a small Sears, a JC Penny’s, a courthouse, a couple of small diner type restaurants and a department store by the name of Elder Beerman.  Continue reading

Summer is Officially Over – the Pool is Closed

Well, the pool floats have been dis-inflated and put away for the winter and the pump timer has been adjusted down.  Although the water is still in the pool, it will have to wait until the next summer season.  It is too cold to enjoy. 

View from the shallow end
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Meeting the CEO of Golf!

By the time of this writing I have shared more than 250 episodes.  Some are funny, some are heart breaking, some are ‘just just’.  Almost all of my stories occurred sometime in the past.  (Well yeah because how could a true story be about the future?).  Today’s story is about something that occurred only a few years ago.  It’s short, but recalling it still gives me a good chuckle. 

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My Desert Island Top 10 Albums

For Crying out Loud, You Know I Love You!

In my opinion, music is like food in that there are no definitive right choices that are above all others.  The choice is relative to the individual who listens to the songs.  It’s like food. I hate sushi, but my wife just loves it, (and yes, she has to gargle before I kiss her….hmm, maybe that’s why she eats it).  Where it comes to music, like most of you, I like lots of different types; rock, pop, bluegrass, even a good violin concerto.  Mostly though, I’m a rock and pop guy.  My favorite band of all time is Garbage if that tells you anything.  For this little blog entry, I wanted to put myself through the ‘deserted island’ exercise.  If I could listen to only 10 albums for the rest of my life, what would they be? 

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Nine Kids – Who Could Ask for Anything More

Wow – I see that I’ve written a lot of stories about growing up; stories not only about growing up on Prytania but also stories about some of the nuances of being in a large family.  Maybe I should spend a little more time this month writing about what it was like being in a house with ten other people. 

Circa 1971, what a motley bunch we were
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Need a Total Knee Replacement?  How about a new Phrenic Nerve? Part 1



Typical x-ray showing tibia plateau

I guess it’s finally time to write about my past two years.  Many of you will likely chalk it off as just another part of the aging process.  When it all happens to “you” though…well, let’s just say where there’s pain, there’s not always gain.  Continue reading

Head Bopping and Other High School Pranks

     Ah…a good ole American Tank!


What makes up life are stories; everybody’s got one. Perhaps your story is the love gone bad or the road not taken. Or maybe your story is about someone you met, something you did. If you think real hard, I’ll bet you can come up with a few hundred stories….just like I have. Mine are here for the sharing. Continue reading

On the Edge of Sanity….(almost) – #4? Seeking an Artist

I’m adding in this first line on 7/23/20 – I am still looking for an artist who would like to occasionally draw these.  If you have a knack for drawing or just want to try your hand, please read this and send me your take on this.  🙂


Hello again from the wacky mind of…..well, me!  It’s been more than 2 years since the last edition of On the Edge of Sanity….(almost) and the reason is due to my artist, (my wife), having ‘creative differences’ with the author (Me).  I’ve had on my ‘to-do’ list to write this ‘pro bono job ad’ for all of this time and today is the day! Continue reading