Need a Total Knee Replacement?  How about a new Phrenic Nerve? Part 1



Typical x-ray showing tibia plateau

I guess it’s finally time to write about my past two years.  Many of you will likely chalk it off as just another part of the aging process.  When it all happens to “you” though…well, let’s just say where there’s pain, there’s not always gain.  Continue reading

Head Bopping and Other High School Pranks

     Ah…a good ole American Tank!


What makes up life are stories; everybody’s got one. Perhaps your story is the love gone bad or the road not taken. Or maybe your story is about someone you met, something you did. If you think real hard, I’ll bet you can come up with a few hundred stories….just like I have. Mine are here for the sharing. Continue reading

On the Edge of Sanity….(almost) – #4? Seeking an Artist

I’m adding in this first line on 7/23/20 – I am still looking for an artist who would like to occasionally draw these.  If you have a knack for drawing or just want to try your hand, please read this and send me your take on this.  🙂


Hello again from the wacky mind of…..well, me!  It’s been more than 2 years since the last edition of On the Edge of Sanity….(almost) and the reason is due to my artist, (my wife), having ‘creative differences’ with the author (Me).  I’ve had on my ‘to-do’ list to write this ‘pro bono job ad’ for all of this time and today is the day! Continue reading

Getting Fired from my Very First Job – a Coronavirus Diversion

No words necessary


The country, scratch that, the WORLD is going crazy at the time of this writing due to COVID-19, affectionately known as the Coronavirus, (or the China virus depending on your US politics).  I know I’m late getting out another story and I just did not want to write a serious episode so I had to dig deep in the memory banks for one that is lighter, given I’m almost tapped out after 250 accounts.  So here goes… Continue reading

Our Grand Canyon Vacation – Camper Trip of a Lifetime in Home Movies

            Off to Wally World!

The year was 1995, August.  Our new baby was now a little over a year old and was not ready for a National Lampoon, cross country Grand Canyon pop-up trailer trip – but Mom and Dad sure were!

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Funerals and Surgeries – Saying Goodbye to Grandpa Mel

            A Happy moment in California


What marks a life well lived? Is it measured in the number of years spent alive? Should we be measured by how much money we made or our professional accomplishments? Maybe our lives are measured by the terms of our religions? Did we attend church regularly and pray every night before we went to sleep? Maybe we measure our lives’ success through what our children do. And what if you don’t have any children then; did you live a life not worthwhile? Maybe our lives are measured in terms of the number of people we helped. Perhaps we simply count the number of people who come to say goodbye at our funerals – the more people, the better a person you were. Continue reading

Growing Up – Concerts that have Brought Me this Far (hopefully many more to come)

See them if you get a chance

See them if you get a chance

I have a lot of notes on my iPad for future stories; things that happened or topics I want to document, basically everything I can remember and anything I think my kids might like to enjoy reading after I’m gone.  This story is being started the night before a Wailin’ Jennys concert in Grass Valley, California.  California has a lot of small towns whose residents support the local arts and artists.  Grass Valley does a decent job of attracting a few major names, (oh, and it’s home to Kenny Bania of Seinfeld – we saw him open for Paul Reiser there).  We also saw the Jennys two years ago at The Crest in Sacramento and fell in love with their voices.
Music means a lot to me.  I’m sure it doesn’t mean as much as it does to people who make their living in the business, but according to Marilu Henner one of our senses are dominant in that it the dominant sense aids our memories.  When I read her book, (Total Memory Makeover), there was a test that helped me determine which of my senses was the guiding sense.  My son Tim’s was smell and my wife’s was touch.  Mine was sound.  My taste for music is wide, but not necessarily what you might call eclectic.  I like most from Bluegrass, like Alison Krause, to Eminem.  I confess that I don’t like most rap, but I do like Eminem.

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